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Hair Tips and Advice

4th November 2014

Determine Your Face Shape

Want to know what hairstyles will suit you, first you need to determine your face shape...

11th September 2014

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

Keratin Hair Treatments: What’s all the “Fuzz” about, want to know the story?

29th July 2014

Why is a Hairdressers Head Massage so Good?

Many of our clients comment that the best part of a visit to a good hairdressers or a ...

12th June 2014

Men Hair Products

Advice on men’s hair products, to help men make the most of their hair without having...

9th June 2014

Summer Hair Updos

Some really cool hair-ups for the summer. Take your pick from all easy hair up styles.

11th April 2014

Straightening Your Hair - Flat Iron Styling

Straightening your hair - Flat Iron Styling A Few tips and advice as to how to straighten

11th April 2014

Problem Frizzy Hair

There are a lot of frustrated curly haired men and ladies out there in Cheltenham. That...