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Determine Your Face Shape


How to determine your face shape?

This is not a science, as many of us can fall in-between the main categories but if you try to get a good idea of your general face shape you can then choose accordingly and at least, not make drastic mistakes.

Knowing your general face shape can help you choose not only the correct hairstyle and texture but can also help you with your choice of makeup and glasses that best suit. There are a couple of ways to determine your face shape the first is a general outline and this for most of us is as much as we need to know. The second is a more scientific method for those of you that would like to be more precise.

Method 1.Determining your face shape (Simple Method)

Stand square on to a mirror and draw or trace the outline of your face using a non permanent marker pen or lipstick onto the mirror as accurately as possible. Go from your hairline round your cheekbones (ignore your ears) and along the line of your jaw. When finished study the outline you've drawn; you will fall into one of the below categories:

Face Shapes

Method 2. Determining your face shape (precise)

Face Shape Measure
  1. The Length of your face from Hairline to the bottom of your jaw line?
  2. The width of your forehead at the widest point?
  3. The width across your cheekbones at the widest point?
  4. The width across your jaw line at the widest point?

What the Measurements Mean

Round Face Shape

1 (Face Length) is nearly identical to 3 (Cheekbones), with 4 (Jaw line) and 2 (forehead) measurements slightly smaller, having a curved not angular shape.

Note: If you have a sharper and more angular lines on your forehead and jaw line, you have a square face (see below).

Diamond Face Shape

1 (Face Length) usually longest measurement, and 3 (cheekbones) is the widest part of your face, tapering up to narrower 2 (forehead) and again down to a narrower 4 (jaw line).

Oblong Face Shape

1 (Face Length), 2 (forehead), 3 (cheekbones) and 4 (jaw line) are all fairly equal. Pretty similar in measurements to the square shaped face and the oval one, only a not quite as wide, and a little longer in length.

Heart Face Shape

1 (Face Length), 2 (forehead), 3 (cheekbones) similar width with 4 (jaw line) narrower and more pointy.

Oval Face Shape

1 (Face Length) around 50% longer than the width of 3 (cheekbones), with 2 (forehead) slightly narrower and 4 (jaw line) narrower and curved,

Square Face Shape

1 (Face Length), 2 (forehead), 3 (cheekbones) and 4 (jaw line) similar width, the same as round faces but with very straight, distinct angles.

What Hairstyle is best for my Face Shape?

Now you've determined your face shape, you want to highlight or accentuate the good and de emphasize anything you don't like. Remember to bear in mind the texture of your hair can be as important as the style. We've tried not to over complicate this as there are so my variations in the above face shapes and in how the hairstyles are finished; so below, hopefully you get get an idea of what WILL suit you and what WILL NOT?

Round Face Shape

Create a look of length and try to de emphasize the roundness.

Good styles:

  1. Long hair styles - usually at least 50mm below the chin with wavy natural looking hair. Keep your hair forward.
  2. Short styles with volume up top that give your face a look of length and de emphasizes the roundness.

Avoid: Adding volume to the sides and thinning out at the top, this will make your face look wider.

Diamond Face Shape

Good styles:

  1. Keep the volume on the top and thin out on the sides.
  2. This is a balanced shape, you can wear your hair off your face to emphasize. 
  3. Hair-up and pony tails.

Avoid: Too much hair over cheekbones this can make your face look narrow.

Oblong Face Shape

You need to create an illusion of width.

Good styles:

  1. Add volume to the sides and keep the volume on the top to a minimum, bobs' are a great style for this.
  2. Waves and curls, this will add width to your face.

Avoid: Really long hair as it can exaggerate the length of your face and drag it down. Also Pixie cuts, as these add volume to the top and again emphasize the length.

Heart Face Shape

Virtually anything goes.

Good styles:

  1. Lucy you! Try to emphasize your eyes by finishing layers off at this point.

Avoid: Adding too much width at the jawline.

Oval Face Shape

Lucy you number 2.

Good styles :

  1. Whatever you want,  just choose a style that highlights your best feature; be that your eyes , lips or chin?

Avoid: Standing next to me!

Square Face Shape

Classic and dramatic.

Good styles:

  1. Really long layered wavy hair 
  2. Softer wavy styles

Avoid: Anything that add width to the four widest points of your face if you don't want to overemphasize?

At Kate Bloom we always consider your face shape to determine what styles will suit you best, this is part of our thorough in salon Consultation.

Potato Shaped Face

We may struggle with the odd one though!

  • 4th November 2014
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