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Guinot Age Summum Treatment


Newly released the Guinot Age Summum Treatment.

According to Guinot the Age Summum Treatment is the alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of ageing: wrinkles and fines lines, loss of firmness and lack of radiance.

Guinot Age Summum Treatment

The four phase treatment designed to combat the signs of aging, including a powerful pro-collagen and vitamin C that restores youthful characteristics of the skin. Using the advanced four phase techniques of this Guinot facial, to deeply penetrate the skin leaving it rejuvenated.

Today’s women do not want wait at the first visible signs of aging, beginning a good daily regime early can help maintain a youthful appearance as long as possible. Using good anti-ageing day/night creams especially around the eyes will help but using this advanced four phase techniques of Guinot Age Summum Treatment will deeply penetrate the skin leaving it rejuvenated. The treatment is perfect for anyone noticing some of the signs of ageing from their early thirty’s through to the forty’s and fifty’s.

Come in and relax, be pampered and rejuvenated…

Stage 1

Gommage Dermabrasion to Exfoliate and Resurface your Skin

This gentle exfoliating stage penetrates and deeply cleans the skin and removing dead skin cells. The process uses Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Microbeads, the skin is instantly nourished and left feeling smooth and soft. 


Stage 2

Anti-Ageing Regenerating Serum to Stimulate Cell Renewal

This phase uses the exclusive combination of Guinot’s Cellular Life Complex with 56 active ingredients plus radiance-enhancing Pure Vitamin C. Both ingredients in Serum Age Summum work to boost cellular regeneration and collagen synthesis.


Stage 3

Anti-Ageing Massage to Firm the Skin

The unique, specially crafted massage using Modelage Age Summum formulated with Guinot’s Cellular Life Complex, gently improves the facial contours whilst helping the powerful actives to absorb further into the skin.


Stage 4

Anti-Ageing Radiance Mask to Restore Youthful Radiance to the Skin

The non-woven Masque Age Summum has been saturated in serum, promoting the penetration of the active ingredients: Stabilised Vitamin C and Pro-Collagen. This final step tightens the skin, fights against slackening and leaves a radiant, glowing complexion. The whole process will leave you feeling relaxed and totally rejuvenated.


Reactions to the Guinot Age Summum Treatment -

At £75 The Guinot Summun facial is quite pricey but I think it is well worth it. The treatment is simply out of this world, very luxurious and the treatment lasted a great deal longer than other facials I have had. All the products are beautiful and I really enjoyed the facial massage, I was in heaven. My skin felt very healthy, plump and my wrinkles/smile lines were faded slightly after just one treatment. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who has concerns about early signs of ageing or anyone in general who is looking for a luxurious facial experience, you will not be disappointed. Review from Allthelittlethings


For more information about Guinot Treatments and Products, you can visit Guinot here

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