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Guinot Hydraclean - Express facial


HYDRACLEAN - Guinot's new express facial now available at our Beauty Salon. The Hydraclean express uses Guinot’s new Thermoclean patented system to rejuvenate your complication in just 30 minutes. The deep cleansing facial leaves your skin cleaner, brighter and free from impurities. Great results fast, perfect for all you busy people out there.

Lots of Beauty Salons and clinics and spas claim to provide facials that work in under an hour; usually these are designed for speed not for impressive results. The Hydraclean is not a shortened version of an old Facial, it a totally new one developed over the last two years. Guinot have patented their Thermoclean precisely for the Express Hydraclean, giving you wonderful results in half the time of other comparable facials available. Not only does this cut down the time taken to get great results but also reduces the price, giving you long lasting radiant skin for just £25. 

Guinot Hydraclean

How it works in the Salon:
Heat controlled by the new Thermoclean Electrode causes the sebaceous and sweat glands to start to hyper-secrete and thereby deeply clean your skin of toxins and oils from within, at the same time a gel specifically chosen for you are massaged into the pores to replenish and treat your skin. The results are skin that is clearer, brighter, hydrated, breathable and more will act responsive to products applied after.

The Process in the Beauty Salon

  • Skin Cleanse
  • Application of Gel
  • Thermoclean Electrode Massage
  • Gel Removal
  • Withdrawal (if needed)
  • Moisturise
  • Facial Massage

If you would like to know more please give us a call at our Beauty Salon.

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