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Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments


What's all the “Fuzz” about?

What do they do? 
A Keratin Hair treatment helps to reduce fizz and make your hair easier to style and manage. The treatments will also make your hair shinier and give it a more healthy, youthful looking sheen. If you have frizzy hair that explodes in light rain, like myself, no need to worry after you've had a good Keratin treatment your hair will remain perfectly styled!

I have heard some bad things about Brazilian Hair Straightening? 
eratin hair treatments have been around for a number of years now and the first treatments were known as “Brazilian Hair Straightening”, while the effects were great, after a while the treatment came in for a lot of bad press as one of the main chemicals used in the treatments, was formaldehyde; commonly used in nail hardeners and/or nail varnish. This chemical is thought to be carcinogenic; which caused controversy in the hair industry due to the concerns about the product and the effect on the health of salon workers, not on the people who have the treatments. Hair straightening products containing formaldehyde were banned because of this in some states in America and Canada. Most brands that marketed the treatments were using safe levels of formaldehyde, but further problems arose when some salons were mixing their own compounds unmonitored.

Hair Straightening Treatments

Do I need it?
Your hair is mostly comprised of keratin and keratin is run down when your hair is damaged by many factors, be they physical i.e. by heated irons or chemically from hair colours, bleach and from the many other ways we abuse our hair on a day to day basis. Replacing it, even it is temporarily, will give your hair a much healthier look and feel. If you have frizzy or very curly hair your hair will be made up of a lower ratio of Keratin, therefore the more it will benefit from the treatment.

How do they work?
Keratin is a natural fibrous structural protein that is in your hair; it strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient. A Keratin treatment superficially bonds Keratin with other ingredients by using the heat from a flat styling iron, causing the compound to attach to the hair shaft. This effect can reduce blow-drying time by 50%. A Keratin treatment could be called a restorative treatment, as even if you have well conditioned hair, it will still strengthens your hair and make it more resilient.

How do I have to look after my hair after treatment?
If you want to maximise the effect and the time the treatment will last on your hair, avoid Shampoos that contain Paraben and SLS. Usually the best solution is to use the products recommended by the treatment you've had and remember the basic fact that, the less you wash your hair the longer it will last.

Do I have my hair coloured before or after the treatment?
With the best treatments you can apply a new colour directly after the treatment, and as a sound base, your colour will be more vibrant.

Can i do it myself?
You can do it yourself, there are many DIY kits available but results can be disappointing. In a salon it's done by trained technicians where you will get proven results, without the inconvenience, the mess and some of the pitfalls that you can read about on the web!

How long does it take to do in salon?
Usually about 1-2 hours.

How long does it last?
Usually 2.5- 3 months (towards the end of the period the effect does diminish slightly).

Keratin Hair Treatment - Before and After

Above: Hair straightening treatment using Kebelo (does NOT contain formaldehyde)

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  • 11th September 2014
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