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L'Oreal Professional Colour Specialist Salon


The L'Oreal Colour specialist Degree is the industry benchmark for hair colouring. The colour specialist delves in depth into the science and technology behind hair colouring, giving them a greater knowledge of the chemical reactions that take place with the natural and pre-treated hair pigments. This knowledge helps the specialist formulate to compensate and achieve the desired results with greater colour accuracy and maintain the hair healthy condition.

L'Oreal Colour specialist


Leading her team in continuing professional development, salon owner and hairdresser Kate Bloom, of Kate Bloom Hair and Beauty, recently graduated as a L'Oreal Professional Colour Specialist. This prestigious qualification is recognised as being the most comprehensive colouring programme in the hairdressing industry and those holding the award form an elite group of experts who have unparalleled specialist knowledge and work to raise professional hair colouring to higher standards.

Commenting on the intensive 12 week training programme Kate explained, “This L'Oreal professional qualification covers every aspect of colouring, from assessing colours to compliment skin tones, to correcting past colouring mishaps. The course is aimed at teaching colour specialists to gain the ultimate in professional knowledge and the skill and confidence to create perfect colour every time. It means that our colouring clients will leave with beautiful, glossy, conditioned hair after every appointment, with treatments that are ideal to their own hair and style.”

Kate Bloom Hair and Beauty is an advocate of professional development for all its staff and regularly reports new skills and qualifications gained by its team. As the owner of the salon, Kate leads by example and ensures that her considerable experience is enhanced by learning the skills that keep her at the forefront of her profession.

Summarising her experience, Kate said, “The L'Oreal Professional Colour Specialist was one of the most challenging aspects of my career in hairdressing to date. It has certainly strengthened my skills and given me great confidence to tackle any hair colouring situation. Now I'm looking forward to putting my new hairdressing expertise into practise in the salon”.

  • 2nd May 2014
  • Salon News
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  • L'Oreal Professional Colour Specialist Salon, Cheltenham
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