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Men’s Hair Products


Men’s hair care has expanding dramatically over recent years, up over 60%, no longer are men embarrassed about visiting our salon in cheltenham or anywhere else for that matter. They now enjoy a bit of pampering every bit as much as us girls and why not if you work hard you deserve it! 

Your hair and style says a lot about you, you don't have to visit the salon every week to look good; but choosing the right product for you to help look after your natural hair, goes a long way in helping you keep the look you want, with the minimum of fuss. A bit a trial and error or advice from your hairdresser and you'll be well on your way to a quick and easy hair maintenance regime.

Before you start just in case? Tools that you'll need, besides the obvious, a hair dryer and comb, it’s worth investing in a good quality brush, one with natural bristles. It might be worth trying a styling iron too before you buy or asking your hairdresser in the salon if they think it would help you, they can be very quick and easy to achieve certain a style you want sometimes. If you choose to buy, don't buy a cheap one as they can much harder on your hair and more difficult to use.

What and Why?  


Creams for styling are a good option if you don't want to look like you have product in your hair; they will offer you a gentler finish with some control and will give your hair a little more shine. 

Suitable for all hair Types 

Hairdressers Pros - Good for keeping flyaway hair in check, giving you subtle control without that product look.
Hairdressers Cons – Don't apply too much as your hair can appear oily 

How to apply:
Wash and smooth into your hair, wet or dry. The thinner your hair, the less you use, if you want to keep it looking natural.

Mens Gelled Hair


Very comparable to Pomades below but lipid based and a little thicker, therefore more hold. Great for managing wild thick hair. They can help you achieve that cool, intense look. 

Suitable for hair Types, except very fine hair. 

Effect – Matt shine 

Hairdressers Pros - Great for flat tops, textured looks and thick hair, very workable, can be used on wet, damp or dry hair, does not get hard or flaky like some gels do.
Hairdressers Cons – Heavy for fine hair. You need to wash off regularly and avoid excessive build up. Be sure to warm up before applying.  

How to apply:
Hair can be wet or dry. Use only a small amount, about the size of a 5p piece, rub your hands together or clap to soften and warm the wax before applying. Work product through your hair, it sometimes helps to place your other hand underneath your hair. Then manipulate into the style you want.

Mens Styled Hair


Pomades are a mixture of Wax and Oil; they will give your hair a slightly shiny and wet look. Good also, if you want a gentle fall. They are less likely to dry out or become crumbly then gel, whilst still giving you a hold that you can manipulate. Great for that well groomed style but not best suited to greasy hair. 

Suitable for hair Types except greasy.

Effect – Sleek look .

Hairdressers Cons – Not good on greasy hair as will make it look more so, takes a few washes to remove, needs to be applied when hair is only damp or dry 
Hairdressers Pros - Does not dry and crumble as much as gel, flexible

How to apply:
Damp or dry hair. Place a tiny amount at first to the palm of your hands, you can apply more if needed, rub together to warm. Apply evenly over the sections of your hair you want to style, work down to the scalp.

Mens Styled Hair

Mud, Fibre and Clay

No quite so commonly used now but they will give maximum control of your hair. Use for styling those short messy looks and will add further separation to long styles. You can get some that are not shiny. 

Suitable for all hair Types. 

Effect – Matt look 

Hairdressers Pros – great for that just got out of bed look.
Cons - Don't apply to wet hair.

How to apply:
Do not apply to wet hair. Again small amount and rub your hands together to warm. Smooth into your hair, from ends to scalp.

Mens Hair Style


Gels have become more popular over recent years, owing much to their versatility; you can get varying strength of hold, so choosing the right one for your hair type and style can be a bit of trial and error. Generally, the thinner the hair the less hold you will need. Quality gels will help your style last longer as they can recall your style for longer before breaking down. Good also if you want a gentle fall. They will give your hair a wet, sleek look. You can make active again by wetting your hand and passing through. 

Suitable for hair types but best on short hair 

Hairdressers Pros - Varying strength and versatile
Hairdressers Cons – Not usually great on long hair 

How to apply: Apply on wet or damp hair and comb through if you want to achieve a wet look, then let it dry naturally. Apply to dry hair if you are only trying to achieve control. 

Mens Hair Style


Not used as much these days, usually in a spray can, it can add volume to thinning hair by coating the hair with a thin layer of product.

Suitable for long and short styles

Hairdressers Pros - Combs out easily for a softer look
Hairdressers Cons –  Use too much and it becomes crunchy

How to apply: Do not apply to wet hair. Again use a small amount and rub your hands together. Smooth into your hair from ends to scalp, if you blow dry afterwards it will give your hair extra hold.

Mens Styled Hair


Use a hairspray if you want to add a look of thickness or volume and it will also fix your hair in position. 

Suitable for all hair types

Hairdressers Pros - Give added hold to Hair
Hairdressers Cons –  Use too much and hair becomes hard

How to apply: You can use after styling your hair. Be sure to keep out of your eyes. Spray lightly from about 15cm-20cms

Hopefully this give you a little more detail of what will suit you... have fun!

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