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Problem Frizzy Hair


There are a lot of frustrated curly haired men and ladies out there in Cheltenham. That need help to solve this timeless problem.

Problem Frizzy Hair

Well, in this article I hope to cover some of the main reasons as to why many of us suffer with the affliction better known as "oh! my god look at that" More often than not, the cause of the problems Frizzy Hair, is lack of moisture!

Oil and Water...

85% of people have dry or frizzy hair because they're hair is lacking moisture. There is a certain age old idea that has been passed on from mother to daughter not from hairdresser to hairdresser. This is the theory that our hair is dry or brittle, because we are lacking in natural oils. We are told that if we care for our hair by brushing hundreds of times each day, or if we pamper our hair with treatments or smother out hair with vitamins, then we are sure to be blessed with A1, perfect hair. This might be the case, if you have young untouched (hair that has not been treated with chemicals) hair. But this is certainly not the case, once you have started down the road, with strong chemicals such as bleaches and all other strong chemicals; or if you have naturally curly hair.

People with naturally curly hair, have these waves, because of a bend of the hair follicles. A "normal" hair follicle under a inspection will be seen as straight. But we have a obvious curve in ours. This causes us to have natural curls. When the hair bends it compels the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) to lift.

The Cuticle.

When the cuticle layers are in good health, the hair has a soft appearance, and because the layers of the cuticle are so closely knitted together, the light is able to bounce off the cuticle. This makes hair our hair shine!

When the cuticle layers are not tight together because they are damaged, the hair will feel rough and fragile. The hair will then soak up light and not shine giving a look of dull and lifeless hair.

The ability for hair to be able to soak up and keep in moisture is the key. The easiest way for me to give an example of this is to would be for you to think of a sponge. 1st of all imagine a unused sponge. there will be small holes in it, and when you sink it in water, it will absorb a lot of water, and also hold that fluid for a long time. This is because it has great porosity. Now think of an old sponge. Its holes have become distorted and torn. If you soak this sponge in the same amount of water, it will soak up far less and will not be able to keep the fluid as much.

It is the same happens with your hair. Hair that has bad porosity (damaged hair) won't be able to soak up or keep moisture as well as hair that has good porosity(conditioned hair). making your hair constantly dry.

Hot oil treatments...

We have been told that copiously applying oils to our hair will give us the smooth, shiny hair that we want. However usually, the opposite takes place. Most oils if they are not essential oils do not have the capability to penetrate into hair. What they do, is to sit on the outside of the cuticle, and coat it. This may give the hair some Shine. However, it will cause product build up.

When the hair is coated, your problems will begin. To start, the moisture that our hair so greatly wants will not be able to penetrate through the coat of product buildup. The moisture then is not able to get underneath. The hair then will not be conditioned. Aswell as this the oils will not be fused. If you use any kind of hot styling irons or hair-driers, the same will happen to hair if oil is not put into a hot frying pan it will break,stick etc.

Optimum condition...

For your hair to be in it's best shape it has to have a high moisture content, and the right balance of proteins and natural oils. Most of us produce enough natural oil to keep our hair healthy, but lack the moisture in todays lifestyles.

What do i do then.

You need to pay attention to your hair and look after it, use shampoos that are designed to restore your hairs moisture content to its optimum 9%. Along with good conditioners that will help to repair the damaged hair, improve moisture absorbency, flexibility.

If you have naturally curly, or frizzy hair, and you use hot styling irons or tongs or who use chemicals, you will need to give your hair more care by giving it the essential nutrition. Chemical treatments at the hairdressers if not chosen carefully will take away the hair's moisture. Bringing the hair moisture level down. When this happens you will see split ends. The same will happen with constant use of your hot styling tools. If these split ends are not repaired straight away and the moisture not restored the split ends will break.


So remember MOISTURE is the answer to the meaning of life! or so your hairdresser thinks.

  • 11th April 2014
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