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Straightening My Hair - Flat Iron Styling


Straightening My Hair - Flat Iron Styling

Lady with Straight Brown Hair

Times have moved on in Cheltenham salons and around the country and hairdresser throughout the world, we have a multitude of special thermal styling tools and products, designed to help change the hair's natural type with little damage. With these new tools at our disposal you can make the style you want within minutes and are they are not just for professional hairdressers.

A couple of points to help you on your way, without risk of damaging your precious locks.

  • Start any thermal styling process with clean, DRY hair. 
  • Try to Shampoo your hair beforehand.
  • In addition, then use thermal protection spray.

Only slightly moist hair will not only respond poorly to the thermal styling, but applying the heated appliance to damp hair will cause the hair to literally "cook" in the resultant steaming, expanding the hair stem and forcing the protective moisture from the coating of the hair.

Use the right sized tool for your hair. Only use standard irons unless you have very long hair. Work with the hair in small areas and use the minimal amount of heat necessary to do the job. Don't try to straighten too much in one hit as you are not equally spreading the heat, small amount at a time is best. Areas no wider than about 50% of the length of the straighteners plates are best.Use a little amount of styling product and this will help keep the straightening effect a little longer.

Hopefully now you have a Professional hairdresser’s job without the visit to the hair salon every day.

  • 11th April 2014
  • Hair Tips and Advice
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