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Still Pulling Your Hair Out?


Fed up of trying to detangle yours or your children’s hair, I know us hairdressers were? With a Tangle Teezer knots are banished and brushing becomes easier and a lot less painful. Launched in 2007 on Dragons Den, the Tangle Teezer has gone from strength to strength and developed the range further to include various brushes for specific purposes. Tangle Teezer is a professional product developed for hairdressers and now for general use that is shaped to your head and comfortable to use.

Highly recommended, one is kept by our basins all the time!

Tangle Teezer Awards
  • Use when styling, to detangle and avoid damaging your hair.
  • Use with styling irons, by slowly easing down while your hair is cooling and it will give your hair more shine.
  • Use on extensions, to avoid damaging the bonds and matting.
  • Use on your Children, to avoid high pitched scream!

How it works:

Basically it’s all in the name – the Tangle Teezer has unique patented semi flexible teeth that ease out knots and makes your hair much easier to manage. All in the palm of your hand, it delivers excellent results on both wet and dry hair.

The range includes:

The Original – standard size

Tangle Teezer

The Compact - handbag size brushes

Tangle Teezer Compact

Children’s brushes – the Flowerpot in bright colours

Watch the video to see the Elite Tangle Teezer in action...

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