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Voted one of Cheltenham's Top Five Hair Salons


THANK YOU, everyone who voted for us!!!

We have been nominated one of the top five Cheltenham Hair Salons, by readers in the Gloucestershire Echo, Local Salon of the Year Awards.

The brief was for the local readers to vote by filling in a slip in the Cheltenham Echo and sending it in, they wanted people from all over Cheltenham to vote, to nominate their local independent salon down the road or for their favourite cutting edge hair salon in the town centre - trying to get the peoples view, to find the best Hair Salon in Gloucestershire!

All that's left now is the finals next week, where a top stylist will judge some of our work that we have submitted. It would be great to win but the most important thing is; you all took the time to vote for us!

Thanks again for voting for us xx

Read more below about the next step; how the top hair salon is chosen?

Echo Hair Salon of the Year 2014

The Finals - Hair Salon of the Year 2014

The work will be judged by a top stylist on technique, inspiration and range of styles your salon can provide.

The Gloucestershire Echo Hair Salon of the Year 2014 winner will receive the accolade of being ‘Hair Salon of the Year’, a signed certificate, framed front page and editorial feature in paper, champagne and flowers.

The four runners up will receive Champagne and Flowers.

News Update:

28-08-2014 Unfortunately we got just Champagne and Flowers. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride! Maybe next year?

Kate Bloom Hairdressing

  • 22nd August 2014
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