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Why is a Hairdressers Head Massage so Good?


Many of our clients comment that the best part of a visit to a good Hairdressers or a Hair Salon, is the head massage; "It just feels so good!"

Sensory touch can sometimes be a much forgotten or ignored sensation in our society. Of all the massages you can have, many of our client’s say the head massage is the best for total relaxation. I have witnessed a lot of extreme reactions to the sensations of a head massage by clients as a hairdresser; we have even had some people say it’s an orgasmic experience! 

Ever wondered why it's so much nicer when an expert does it? Kate and the salon team have a few theories:

You have very sensitive nerve ending in your fingertips, so when you wash your own hair the sensation is in your fingertips as well as on your scalp but when your hairdresser washes your hair and massages your scalp, all you feel is the massage and you can concentrate on the lovely sensations, instead of the effort you have to put in whilst washing your own hair, and of course lying back with your feet up helps with the relaxation!

Hairdressers Head Massage

Just a few of the descriptions clients have used to express the feelings they get when having a head massage.

  • “Took me back to my childhood when my mother used to massage my head to help me go to sleep”.
  • “I was on a paradise island with the sea lapping in the background during that"
  • “I was tingling throughout, from head to toe”
  • Oh! WOW! (many times)

Good scalp massage consists of massaging different pressure points on the head and neck, also combining different techniques of massaging strokes. Applying pressure with just the fingertips, varying the amount of pressure and also the direction every few minutes from clockwise to anticlockwise.

Studies have shown that using massage can increase endorphins and serotonin within the body. The chemicals that help to lift your mood, thereby reducing stress and helping you to relax.

Not only a great stress reliever it stimulates circulation of blood to the hair follicles, providing nutrition and thereby strengthening the hair shaft and roots, resulting in healthier hair.

The Indian Head Massage varies slightly and is a little more complex, some of the techniques of this are incorporated by our stylists into parts of your normal hair wash and massage. The Indian head massage is said to give relief from insomnia, migraines, sinusitis, and hair loss.

  • 29th July 2014
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