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Choosing Your Hairdresser

When choosing a hairdresser in Cheltenham, or anywhere else, word of mouth is just about the best recommendation - people are usually very careful about the who they recommend. One option is, if you see a cut or style you like on the bus or train in Cheltenham, Gloucester or wherever, ask where they had it done. People will be only too pleased to tell you, as they feel complimented by the question.

Most good hairdressers will be happy for you to call or visit the salon in order to discuss your hair before you make an appointment. Take note of how many ideas the stylist has and how well they listen to what you want and like, be prepared for an honest opinion as to what they think will be the end result. Be realistic as to how much time and effort you are able to give to your hair. Your hairdresser should give you a look and style that fits both your hair and your lifestyle. If your lifestyle means you spend a lot of time outdoors, with your job or for pleasure, you don't want a hairstyle that must be consistently protected from wind or rain. Don't let anyone talk you into a difficult hairstyle if it is really not what you want.

Salon Hairdresser

You must be able to manage your hair yourself between visits to your hairdresser. Does your hairstyle look good only after it's been professionally done and can you achieve this look yourself? If it doesn't then it may be time to find a new stylist who's a better stylist or better at advising you how to maintain this look. Your hair should grow out stylishly. If it is shabby after 3-4 weeks, the haircut and style wasn't the best to start with. Hair that grows quickly should still look well, for up to about six weeks.

The hairdresser should get to know what styles you like by discussing the history of your hair, such as the cuts, chemicals and treatments you've had before and what you did or didn't like about them. Describe the whole look that you're after. If you can find any pictures from magazines or books bring them with you to help your stylist design the look for you.

Mobile hairdresser OR Hair Salon?

Mobile hairdressers are very convenient and can definitely be cheaper as they don't have the same overheads. There are some very good mobile hairdressers out there, but they do tend to be a little more old-fashioned. It is difficult to keep up with modern trends without a good hair salon environment; the constant training and advice of other stylists around any hair professional in the salon helps to stimulate good ideas and mastery of new techniques. Also the hairdressing competitions available to good hair salons keep everyone on their toes and improve general standards. Being mobile makes it very difficult to avoid falling into bad habits and using outdated techniques. Also you don't quite get the relaxing or pampering feeling that you get from visiting a good hair salon – the chance to get away from it all!

What is a good haircut?

Most good professional hairdressers’ haircuts are those that are adaptable. Try to get a hairstyle and look that you can dress up, wear to work or down the pub, something that can be changed by a styling technique or product. Layered cuts are one of the most flexible. Look through books and magazines with your hairdresser and ask how certain styles could be adapted. Our salon Pinterest page is a great source of ideas. Once your hair is cut ask your hairdresser how you can maintain this look at home, changing the look at times to see how different products and techniques can give your hair a different finish.

How good is my hairdresser?

  • Neat hairdressers do neat work!
  • How clean is the hairdressing equipment and the hair salon environment?
  • Is your stylist well planned and organised?
  • Does your stylist listen to your ideas or push theirs on you?
  • Is the hairdresser on-time?
  • How good is their hair and what’s the condition like?
  • What products does your hairdresser use on your hair and do they sell them?
  • Does your stylist advise you on how to maintain your look when you leave the hair salon?
  • Do you feel relaxed and comfortable with your stylist?
  • Is your hairdresser value for money?
Stylist in Salon

Good luck and try to remember Stylists are human and even the best one can make a mistake occasionally!

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