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Kate Bloom Team

Privacy & Cookies

This is our policy and it refers to the privacy of your information when you use our website.

About You

We collect personal information about you when you make an appointment over the telephone and apply for appointments on our website. Also if completing any online forms that we may have, where we will then we will tell you how, if any,of information will be used somewhere within the form.

We will only collect information that is necessary to provide a better service to you and to occasionally possibly to notify you of salon offers or promotions that we feel may benefit you or someone you may know. We will only keep your details as long as we are legally permitted for our Salon business purposes.


A cookie is a very small text file that contains information, it is placed on your computer by most websites each time you visit their site. The information contained within these small text files is used each time your website browser requests a webpage and provides benefits for you by making your visit a  more seamless and smoother experience it would be without a cookie. This process does not involve the collecting any personal details.

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