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Consultation Promise

At KateBloom we are not a high street, walk in salon with a high turnover of clients. We try hard to build trusting relationships with our clients that last. Throughout our salon consultations we will listen carefully and learn much as possible about you. We have found this is fundamental in providing you with a hairstyle and cut to suit your lifestyle and personality, one that you will be happy with in the long term.

Choosing your hairdresser or colourist can be very personal, like choosing a friend. So we encourage you to meet our stylists before proceeding, to ensure you feel comfortable and happy with whomever you choose. If for any reason this doesn't work in the longer term, we will fully support you in your choice changing to another stylist. We believe this can sometimes be a positive step, as you might find someone who better suits your needs and gives you fresh ideas.

What style will be best suit me?

Your face shape, hair type and skin tone can all make a difference to what hairstyle will suit you. The style or colour you choose can highlight (excuse the pun!) your assets or tone down any imperfections you may have. 

Try to decide what you like about your hair?


Let us know your likes:

  • Do you like the way your hair grows out now?
  • Have you ever had a hairstyle or colour that you loved or one that people noticed and complimented you on?
  • When was your hair in its best shape?

And what you don't like:

  • Tell us about what you’ve used on your hair, what chemical damage you've had, if any?
  • When was your hair in its worst shape?
  • Was there anything you didn't like about what your previous hairstylist did to your hair?

One of the most important factors in choosing your hairstyle or colour is your lifestyle. Quite often clients suggest ideas of styles which can be very high maintenance, they would need to be cut and styled frequently - so you have to be sure this is right for you in the long term. Maybe realistically, a look that requires low maintenance and one that grows out well is more for you?

What is your hair routine like now?

  • Do you like to blow-dry your hair?
  • Do you regularly use GHDs or straightening irons?
  • What products do you use routinely at home?
  • Do you visit your hairdressers frequently?

If you have any pictures of colours or hairstyles you like, please feel free to bring along with you to the salon in Cheltenham, for you and your stylist or colourists to discuss - you can get some hair inspiration from 100's of images on our salon Pinterest page here.

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Please Read Before Booking

If you have a problem finding a suitable time for the service you would like on-line, give us a call, over the phone we may be able to move other appointments slightly or reschedule lunch breaks to accommodate you. 

NOTE: New Colour Clients and Beauty Technical Clients require a skin allergy test at least 48hrs prior to appointment.

Please give 48hrs notice if you wish to cancel. If you do not show for your appointment or cancel on the day the Stylist/Beautician cannot work, therefore please understand we have to make a charge for late cancellations and no shows.

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