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Kebelo Keratin Hair Smoothing System

The Foundation Of Beautiful Hair.

The Kebelo System - Frizz has to be the leading problem for most women and their hair. As hairdressers, we are inundated with complaints about this issue in the hope that we may be able to help!

There are many treatments on the market that claim to de-frizz, smooth and calm your hair overnight, but most of these products are not simple to use, can be very messy, take an age to do and end up disappointing us.

Now though, we have The Kebelo System………

Kebelo Hair Smoothing System

This product has come about from in-depth research into what is needed in this area to help the hairdressers and their clients, taking into account the lifestyle of each customer, therefore tailor making the programme to suit each individual.

Kebelo Hair Smoothing System

This three step treatment leaves your hair, frizz free, smooth and much easier to handle for one hundred days…

Step One:

Cleanse…Kebelo Clarifying shampoo will prepare your hair for the treatment by gently removing build-up of any products and fully open the cuticles allowing the treatment to penetrate deeply into the hairs core. It will also detangle the hair leaving it easier to work with.s to the many professional hair stylists that currently describe the emerging hair salon smoothing industry as confusing.

Step Two Treat:

The advanced Technology within Kebelo has been formulated with the latest Carbocysteine and Dispersion Technology, it also contains botanical protein and amino acids. Amino acids are part of what makes up our hair naturally. This technology repairs, revitalises and strengthens each hair shaft from deep within ,whilst the proteins seal and replenish each cuticle, allowing them to lie flat creating the shine, smoothness and manageability we are looking for in this treatment. Some other treatments can take up-to three days to take full effect but the Kebelo System is complete in one session and only takes FROM just I hour.

Step Three Maintain:

With every Kebelo System there is the maintenance programme of either the Enriching or Revitalising range. These ranges consist of three products that we recommend you use consistently as your home care programme. They are shampoo, conditioner and a weekly masque. These products are included as a part of your Kebelo System experience. By using these products you will be helping your ‘new found’ hair stay smooth, glossy and frizz free for longer.

Hi, Please can you tell Sam that I am absolutely delighted with the Kebelo hair treatment I had last week. My dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair is now smooth, sleek, shiny and very easy to manage!! Thank you!! - Jan Carlson

I just need to write to you about how happy I am!! I have been coming to Kate Bloom for about 2 years (maybe longer) and have always been delighted with the service from everybody. Debbie is fab and since seeing her my hair is 100% better in every way. I was discussing with her recently that I struggle to keep my hair smooth and straight and she suggested a Kebelo treatment. Emma talked me through the process and then I booked in to have it done the following week. Sam did the treatment for me and she was just lovely, talking me through every stage and not even starting until she was happy that I was sure I wanted it done. Well I have to tell you it is the best thing!!! I have never been really truly happy with my hair but it was God given so what could I do but now, I love it. It is totally different, easy to manage, looks really healthy and most importantly stays sleek and shiny whatever the weather. I don't have to straighten it nearly so much and I am n ow able to wash it every other day instead of every day. It sounds dramatic but it appears the Kebelo treatment is a bit of a life changer. So just like, my GHDs, My SatNav and frozen chopped onions, I don't think I am going to be able to live without it!! So thank you, thank you so much, to Debbie, Emma and especially Sam xx. - Penny Gyngell 

Kebelo Before and After

Thanks To Gabby for the pictures.

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