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Orly’s first ever promotional drive was to celebrate the legacy of Jeff Pink and the part he played in developing the professional nail industry. His multi-coloured lifestyle helped develop the nail care manufacturing industry towards what it is today.

Orly Nails

In the 70s Jeff helped actresses to make a speedy change between parts with his neutral nails; they were feminine and classical and brought out the beauty of nails without over emphasising them. Everyone loved this new and different look and the style spread throughout the fashion industry when it arrived in Paris Jeff thought of the name “The French Manicure” from then on the development continued on through the years to the various lacquers, sparkles and Gels. 


Scrutinising the fashion industry for new trends and innovations Orly never stops looking for the perfect colours to compliment these new seasons’ offerings to add alongside everyone’s classics favourites.

Orly Gel Nails


Long before the manicures and pedicures Orly knows the importance of healthy and strong nails, therefore we have developed a range of products that help to nourish and prepare your nails for the perfect manicure.

You can also watch our videos on nail preparation here so you can recreate beautiful nails at home here

At Orly we do not use Toulene, Formaldehyde, DHP in our formulas.

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