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Rapture Hair Extensions

Developed with today’s increasingly demanding clients and their busy lifestyles in mind, Rapture’s rapid extension technology delivers a full head of natural looking hair in around 60 minutes. Great to cut and simple to style, these inspirational products open up a world of creative opportunity.

Rapture hair extensions will last between 6 – 8 weeks, when a salon visit will carry out a quick and easy removal, re-application and styling and your hair will look just as fantastic as it did on the first application. The quality of the Rapture hair means that the extensions can be re-used for between 3 – 9 months depending on aftercare and maintenance.

What’s more, compared with traditional systems, the speed of application makes them far more affordable. Backed by the UK’s longest established wig manufacturer and founded on over a decade of research and development, it’s the patented adhesive formula and ultra fine application strips that make Rapture unique.

Rapture Hair Extensions

Rapture Hair Extensions offer a world of versatility and creativity with something to suit every budget. Choose from 23 natural hair shades in 100% human remy hair and 6 of the most desirable funky colours in our heat resistant fibre. 

Think volume, style, colour and length, easily created with Rapture hair extensions, the only limits are your imagination and creativity. Our 100% Human Hair extensions are all root point correct and cuticle intact, they are all made from remy hair and offer the ultimate in quality and versatility, our supply chain has been in place for a long time and all sources are ethical as is production and distribution. 

Rapture Extensions Before and After

We offer 3 lengths of human hair, 25cm, 40cm and 50 cm and 1 length of 40cm in heat proof fibre. Rapture hair extensions are at the leading edge of hair extension technology, the secret to Rapture is the fine yet strong and durable application strip, this makes the extensions virtually undetectable, light and easy to wear, working in harmony with your own hair, you will forget that you are wearing them.

Rapture Extensions Before and After

Rapture Hair Extensions Testimonials:
Discover the world of Rapture Hair Extensions, quick, easy, kind to hair and totally re-usable, what else could you wish for? 

Watch some Rapture Hair Extensions Testimonials.

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