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Wonderful Hair Extensions in Cheltenham


At Kate Bloom hair and beauty we use Wonderful® Hair Extensions at our salon in Cheltenham. We've used Wonderful Extensions for over seven years because they consistently provide some of the best quality hair on the market and also use an Extension application system that does not damage your hair. Together we can provide the beautiful hair you've always wanted, with stunning Hair Extensions that last three to four months!

Prices from £150 - £600

Please note: Your hair needs to be a minimum of 5 inches long for Wonderful Hair Extensions.

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Hair Extensions in Cheltenham

Wonderful® hair has been working in the hair extensions field for over a decade and realises it is paramount to always give clients what they want - the best real hair extensions available. The revolutionary cold fusion technology hair extension system is the result of continuous development and commitment to improve the technology and the hair quality. The Cold fusion extension system is designed to minimise the risk of damage to your natural hair by removing the use of two major factors which other systems use - heat & glue. This system is ideal for those clients that want to add length or volume. You can also use as an alternative to hi/low-Lights if you do not wish to have your hair coloured. Using this system you can have beautiful Extensions that last for 3-4 months with the correct care.

Below: Before Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Before Application

Below: After Hair Extensions (Thanks to Emily W for the pictures)

After Hair Extensions Applied

Using a specially developed a ‘v’ shaped keratin bond, your hair is placed within the bond , and compressed in between, this results in a flat join to your natural hair which remains virtually invisible to sight and almost undetectable to touch as they lay flat to the scalp. There is no glueing or weaving between the hair extensions and your natural hair, so removal of the is safe and easy.

Wonderful uses 100% natural Indian and East European hair that is in it's natural state, the hair is checked for quality and carefully selected by experienced technicians at their purposely designed facility in Italy. They ensure there, that the hair they select, is of the highest standards, they make sure that it has not been chemically treated or coloured so that integrity of the hair has not been compromised.

The method used for preparing the hair for your extensions, is called Remis system. The hair is double drawn, this way Wonderful ensures that it is the same thickness throughout the length of the hair. This method also helps to protect the hair cuticle, keeping all the scales of the hair pointing in the same way, which give the hair a more natural look. This system of hair selection and treatment is the only method that compliments the natural flow of the hair, keeping its properties unchanged. This all ultimately means that the hair performs just like your own hair. Thereby you can style it the way you like, use Ghds etc as long as the Keratin bonds are looked after.

On the top of each lock of hair, they attach a thin sheet of keratin. As keratin is a natural component of human hair, it ensures that the hair extension blends perfectly with the natural hair, improving the application process by making it simple yet precise.

They make sure the keratin bond is the same colour as the hair lock, and it has a particular shape which has been designed specifically for use with our cold fusion hair extension system.

Developed at their facility in Italy, the patented Wonderful® hair extension system utilises a hand held device that attaches the Keratin shaped bond to your hair. Applied without Glue or heat, this gentle system is does not harm your hair. The flat keratin bonds are designed to sit on the surface of your hair, so there is no mixing with the natural hair, which makes removal of extensions quick and easy. This ensures the sealed bond remains completely invisible, without flaws and without damaging the hair.

Real Hair Extensions in Cheltenham

Wonderful® has a wide range of colours available from natural hues to more vibrant colours. If you would like a particular colour or shade you can choose from the many different options on their Colour Ring in the salon.

The cold fusion system really excels in its speed, adaptability, speed and precision. Thereby allowing our specialists to create styles that are individual as you and ensure that they remain that remain comfortable and stay secure, Thus placing our cold fusion hair extension method at the vanguard of the Hair extension industry.

Another Wonderful Hair application video...

For the best hair extensions in Cheltenham - Choose Wonderful® Hair

Please phone or visit us in Cheltenham at Kate Bloom Hair hair salon for more information and to book a 20 minute consultation (£15 redeemable on your first application).

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