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Reflexology Cheltenham

"Feet First"

Please request our Reflexology specialist Libby Beasley

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£35 per hour

Below is a list of benefits that Reflexology is believed to offer. Both emotional and physical

Reflexology for Emotional and mental effects
• Aids calmness and a sense of well-being
• Relaxes the body and mind
• Relieves stress

Reflexology for physical effects
• Alleviate muscular tension
• Alleviate fatigue
• Increases energy or alleviates tension
• Aids sleep
• Builds up the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms

Reflexology Cheltenham

Reflexology is believed to complement the natural systems of the body.

Reflexology for the muscular System
• Supplies oxygen and nutrients
• Removes waste
• Relaxes muscle tension

Reflexology for the Nervous System
• Increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients
• Encourages nerve cells
• Aids repair and create new cells
• Pain management

Reflexology for the Respiratory System
• Encourages movement of mucus in lungs and airways
• Encourages removal of waste products
• Increases supply of oxygen to the rest of the body

Reflexology for the Skeletal System
• Supplies nutrients to mend and aid new cell growth

Reflexology for the Urinary System
• Encourages the kidneys to function more effectively by filtering and retaining substances
• Regulates the salt content of blood

Reflexology for Reproductive System
• Encourages reproductive glands to help with hormonal trouble
• Clears blockages of the pelvic area in females

Reflexology for Lymphatic system
• Encourages movement of lymph
• Aids with removal of waste products
• Aids the fight against infection

Reflexology for Circulation
• Encourages the repair and creation of new cells in the body

Reflexology for Skin
• Encourages healing of wounds
• Supplies nutrients and oxygen for repair and creating new cells

Reflexology for Digestion
• Encourage muscle action and peristalsis and aids smooth passage of food for digestion – Aids with digestive disorders
• Encourages liver to remove toxins to kidneys for removal

Reflexology for Endocrine
• Encourages the glands, which helps the healing process in all other systems

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Please Read Before Booking

If you have a problem finding a suitable time for the service you would like on-line, give us a call, over the phone we may be able to move other appointments slightly or reschedule lunch breaks to accommodate you. 

NOTE: New Colour Clients and Beauty Technical Clients require a skin allergy test at least 48hrs prior to appointment.

Please give 48hrs notice if you wish to cancel. If you do not show for your appointment or cancel on the day the Stylist/Beautician cannot work, therefore please understand we have to make a charge for late cancellations and no shows.

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