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Salon Receptionist Lisa

Lisa B (Receptionist)

What’s the one thing you really enjoy about hairdressing/Beauty? “The gossip & glam!”

What is your most embarrassing moment? “A bird did a poo on my hair in the middle of town!”

Briefly describe your most bizarre/disastrous/hilarious fashion moment from your youth? “My mum used to dress me in dungarees, I looked like a boy & I had a wonky fringe.....bad times!”

What beauty/grooming product could you not live without and why? “My foundation!”

If you could do a celebrity/famous person’s hair who would you choose and why? “Elvis...he is the king!”

Favourite kind of holiday? “On a private beach with a man fanning me, feeding me grapes!”

If money was no object, what’s the one thing you’d like to do? “Have my own private yacht & lipo so I look good when I pull in to St Tropez!”

If you were an animal, what would you be? “Dolphin!” ????

What’s your favourite drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)? “Coffee by the gallon in the week & a tipple of gin on the weekend!”

Started at Bloom hair and beauty - 2015